Important Points and Tips for Rooster Breeding

Chicken farming is becoming lucrative business nowadays mostly for people who are health conscious. In the era of artificial and unhealthy products. Chicken farming is flourishing. People are now having chickens at home. Managing chickens at home seem to be a tough process but in reality, it is quite easy.  Chicken farming is just like gardening. It takes time and hard work and after some time it starts giving profitable output.

There are important points that need to be kept in mind before rooster breeding to strengthen the chicken farming. Breeding chickens and the nourishing rooster is a great way to create a viable flock.

The rooster breeding should be learned by every farmer, young man, and enthusiast. The Internet is available with tons of information on rooster breeding. This article is going to shed light on the imperative points on rooster breeding and share some exciting tips to boost rooster breeding.

These points should be kept in mind before starting for rooster breeding:

  1. Place for Keeping Chickens: Chicken cage or coop should be big enough to house entire flock. Always have a cage that can house additional chickens. Because during breeding people end up with more roosters. Extra equipment and cage should be prepared.
  2. Extra Roosters: According to research breeding chickens will always result in about 50% male chickens. The additional roosters will become part of the big flock and proper treatment is required for these roosters.
  3. Number of Roosters: Roosters required to fertilize hen’s eggs should be considered. There should be at least one rooster for 10 hens. Before selecting roosters always ensure that rooster is from a good breeding stock. Roosters in some parts of the world are used for fighting and inhumane games. Try not to have a rooster that is a bit aggressive as such roosters always create mess rather than any benefit.
  4. Breeding in Spring: Mother nature tends to offer beauty more in spring. Rooster breeding in spring tends to be stronger. Nature works as per its cycle and breeding session happens smoothly. No extra care or effort is required.
  5. Healthy and Proper Diet: Proper diet and nutrition is the first step towards good breeding. Proper and enough food should be available so roosters don’t become aggressive and mating session happens with ease.
  6. Technical Lighting: Some farmers use technical lighting to deceive their roosters to believe that spring is here and mating session happens smoothly.
  7. Age of Roosters: The age of rooster is another factor in breeding chicken. Young rooster takes active part mating as compared to old roosters. Roosters up to six months old are perfect for taking part in the breeding session.